Camper loading tips to reduce swaying

Camper loading tips to reduce swayingPreventing a camper from sway requires the right equipment and safe practices of driving. Loading your camper correctly may even erase the need for using additional equipment to reduce the sway. Campers exert huge forces on the vehicles and this gives most drivers the feeling of losing control of the vehicle. The method used to load the camper impacts the overall result of whether it will experience sway. Swaying is a major cause of accidents that may cause uncomforting situations and may result in some drivers giving up on towing.

Front Loading

For weight balancing, more weight should be placed before the vehicle’s axle rather than after. By doing this, more weight is exerted toward the camper’s front wheels. The heavier items should be exerted closer to the vehicle for effective balancing. Loading weight in such a manner ensures the even distribution between the tow vehicle and the trailer behind. This distribution creates an equilibrium in which the vehicle can balance equally and increase stability.

Center of Gravity

For good stability, the center of gravity should be located lower in the vehicle. The camper should, therefore, be packed in a way that the heavy items are placed at the bottom. Additionally, the heavy items placed on overhead cabinets should be repacked onto lower cabinets or the ground. This ensures that the distribution of weight allows for the lowering of the center of gravity of the vehicle. However, most campers come with a center of gravity that is inbuilt hence no need to rearrange it for these purposes.

Hitch weight

The hitch usually connects the trailer with the tow vehicle hence impacting the stability of the vehicle. The weight of the hitch is supposed to account for five to fifteen percent of the camper. Before embarking on a journey, ensure you know the weight of your hitch using the relevant scales. This can also be gotten by looking at the total weight of your camper and adding the weight of the gear that it is engaged in. This goes a long way in reducing the sway of the vehicle by bringing balance to the tow truck. This method, however, should be used on light campers and trailers as opposed to the larger ones whereby the weight is likely to be exceeded by several pounds. Some campers have their battery placed on the tongue hence changing its position will automatically have a result on the hitch weight. Every towing company needs to ensure that towing safety measures are taken so the vehicle is towed safely and securely.