Towing Safety Measures

Towing Safety measuresTowing services are needed for various reasons. Sometimes, a car is involved in an accident and unable to drive. Before worrying on how to transport your car to safety, it is important to ensure that first, you are safe. If the car has broke down on a busy road, remember to turn the hazard lights before stepping out of the car. Give warning to an incoming driver by placing the life savers markers at a distance of 30 meters behind and front of your car.

Towing process

The process of towing nowadays does not only involve hooking a vehicle and pulling it. The towing vehicle company towing your vehicle must be knowledgeable to your car type and the instruction provided by the manufacturer for that particular car. Generally, cars complexities have changed and some of the essential parts of car can be affected even if the engine is not running. Due to this it is always advisable to contact professionals.

Mechanical dangers associated with towing

Towing an all-time drive car needs a lot of care as quite a lot of mechanical dangers can be brought in by unprofessional towing. Their wheels should not touch the ground while towing as this may damage the all wheel drive system. Additionally, the transmission of the manual cars is damaged when pulled behind a towing truck. Correspondingly, towing a front or rear car requires that the wheels with no drive wheels ride the ground instead. For instance, with a front wheel drive vehicle, towing the car forward may be a good option.

The driver safety

Safety to a tow driver is also paramount. A driver must use the safety equipment to facilitate safe towing anytime he is picking a disabled vehicle. Further, the safety equipment provides visibility to other drivers as he/she is working on an accident scene. The federal administration requires all roadway workers to wear orange, yellow or green luminous safety vests that meets the standards of ANSIS. Additionally, they should wear a helmet that is of similar color and qualities like the vest. Gloves are part of the protective gear and should be wore too. More to that a driver should be cautious when approaching a disabled car, and ensure that the emergency lights are turned on. If you are aware about towing safety measures, you can read 6 tips for safe trailering and towing when you need to tow a vehicle.