Ratchet strap safety measures

When towing, cargo must be secured fully to ensure their safety. Lashing straps which are also known as ratchet straps are usually used for this purpose. These straps are very essential in the handling of materials and their safety must be guarded for optimal performance. According to a towing company we spoke with in San Mateo CA, damage to these straps may affect the breaking strength and its overall load limit hence poor performance. This could result in fatal results posed to individuals using it and the cargo itself.

ratchet strap properly secured over a pile of wood

Proper storage

Improper storage of straps may affect longevity by causing damage that is irreparable hence shortening its working life. To prevent the straps from strangling together, it is essential to use rolling straps that will keep them in place. Tangled straps could be a headache especially when one is in a hurry. The straps can be stored in plastic freezer bags or zip ties that will keep them protected from direct exposure hence protection from breakage.

Avoiding Friction and Heat

Exposing straps to sharp objects or rough surfaces weakens them and in the end, leads to them breaking. Friction from these surfaces weakens the webbing of the straps hence creating weak spots in bits. This may be difficult to notice without serious consideration and in the end tears may occur during transit. Beware of surfaces prone to friction as they are capable of creating burn spots. Direct exposure to sunlight and heat leads to the weakening of your straps generally.

Avoiding Moisture on your ratchet

Mold and mildew are prone to areas that have enough moisture. Straps that are made of polyester would, therefore, be affected by these growths when exposed. Mold will extremely weaken the webbings of the strap and polyester straps become destroyed. This could be a problem also when the straps are usually stored at the back of the truck.

Always read the label

The safety of the strap is of paramount importance when it comes to handling. Safety straps usually come with safety procedures to be followed when it is used. The lashing capacity of the straps is indicated for the user to know the maximum load capacity that can be handled by the strap. This is the strength of the strap and must be considered before towing a weight behind. Furthermore using a lashing strap for lifting may give unyielding results. Lashing straps also have a manufacturer label which indicates the reliability and how it has been tested for optimal safety of your towing vehicle.

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